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Biofilm carrier

Our biofilm carrier can be used for biological wastewater treatment. It creates an ideal living environment for selected bacteria with 10 times higher concentration of living microbes. Made in Germany, the biofilm carrier meets the highest quality standards for a long lasting effectiveness. Experience our biofilm carrier to improve your water quality.

The key success factor of our biofilm carrier is the maximum contact between the microorganisms and the wastewater. Experience our highly effective method of wastewater treatment. Our biofilm carrier realizes the permanent conservation of bacteria cultures.

Experience the key benefits of our biofilm carrier:
  • » 10 times higher concentration of living microbes
  • » excellent durability for long lasting performance
  • » ecofriendly removal of contaminates (carbon, ammonia, phosphorus, microplastics)
  • » open cell structure for faster microbial growth
  • » substantial reduction of nitrogen
  • » require small area

Product info

The biofilm carrier is a simple, safe, compact and highly effective solution for wastewater treatment. You can use our biofilm carrier for various applications:

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Biofilm carrier – long lasting effectiveness

Whether in communal or industrial projects, in plastic or concrete containers, our biofilm carrier is resistant to abrasion as per DIN EN 12255-7:2002 and DWA-M221. Effective pollutant degradation and secondary sludge reduction.

Our biofilm carrier has an effective usable surface of 1,000 m²/m³. The open cell structure ensures a faster microbial growth with higher effectiveness on your wastewater treatment. The valuable bacteria cultures are retained to improve the water quality in an ecofriendly way.

Microbiological effect