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Biofilm carrier for wastewater treatment

Our biofilm carrier is the ideal solution to reduce your secondary sludge in your wastewater treatment system. Most of our clients apply a 3 step wastewater treatment process:
  • » primary sewage sludge: first separation
  • » secondary sludge: with our biofilm carrier
  • » tertiary sludge:flocking agents

Secondary sludge removal

Our biofilm carrier with open structure offers excellent conditions for fast microbial growth. The bigger the bacterial colony the stronger effect on reducing your secondary sludge / sewage sludge. Key success factors:
  • » a significant reduction of sewage sludge / secondary sludge
  • » substantial lower nitrogen values
  • » lower need for chemical additives
  • » cost savings for better water quality
  • » long lasting performance

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Suitable wastewater applications with biofilm carriers

We have a wide range of market segments where our biofilm carriers are being applied: